Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your answer - just give us a shout!

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Do you travel?

Yes! The farthest we've been is 90 miles from our home in Jacksonville, Florida. However, we're up for new challenges. After all,  Shastas' are made for road tripping!

Can you personalize the prints?

Yes! We're happy to add your event's branding to your photo strips and are always open to changing out the backdrops/props to fit your theme.

My event is indoor, can Tin Can fit?

Yes! Our baby measures 15 feet long, 93.5 inches across, and 9 feet tall. As long as your venue approves and has big enough doors, we’re in!

Can we try before we book?

We try to be at Jacksonville’s biggest and most fun events, so we’ll let you know when we’re making our next appearance, and you can stop by to see us in action. If that doesn’t work, we’ll arrange a time for a personal meet and greet. Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook to find out where we are next!

What is Tin Can Photo Lounge?

Only the most adorable photo booth in the history of photo booths. But seriously, we are a fully functioning photo booth tucked inside a vintage Shasta camping trailer –and there’s nothing else like us on the East Coast!

Do you print on site?

Yes! Our baby prints two side-by-side photo strips with three photos on each. Your guests can take them home right away.

Do you do fundraising events and festivals?

Yes! We offer an hourly rate for fundraising as well as a pay-per-use model. We can also create custom packages for all day events. Let us know what you have in mind and we will be there!

What is Chic Booth?

Chic Booth is our parent company. They offer a more modern and luxurious type of photo booth. You can check them out at